Our CBD Story

Matthew Schaefer- Founder

When I tried hemp CBD for the first time, I didn't immediately notice its benefits. A friend recommended I try it after I mentioned to him that the weekday happy hour and nightly glass of wine was no longer helping with stress relief. Admittedly, I was skeptical but I trusted him so I gave it try. Pretty quickly I realized that my outlook improved, my anxiety faded, and I was able to keep a calm focus during times of heightened stress. Not only was I going through a shift in my career, I was also going through some stressful life changes. Hemp CBD came into my life at the perfect time.

As a basic starting point, CBD stands for Cannabidiol and will not get you high (it has no THC). I started to use CBD beverage drops in my coffee in the morning and began swapping them out for my nightly cocktail or glass of wine in the evening. I was waking up with a clear head, I stopped suffering from generalized anxiety, and I was able to stay focused on my work. A great side benefit was that my inflammation and post-workout pain was no longer keeping me up at night.  After more research, I realized I wasn’t the only one benefiting from CBD- people across the country were using it for a variety of needs. 

Once I experienced firsthand how effective it is, I set out to create CBD products to assist others in mood stabilization, stress and anxiety reduction, and inflammation. As a first step, I became passionate to share the formula that brought me back to my best self. 

With Beverly Chills, my primary goal is delivering the power of hemp derived CBD in a format that is effective, delicious, natural (safe!), and convenient. Self-care takes many forms, and it takes time to discover what works best for each of us. No matter what your routine is, Beverly Chills is here to help you along your way.