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+ 10 mg of our product feels like 40mg of a conventional oil
+Dissolves completely in liquids
+3rd party lab tested and developed for the purist
+Free of flavorings, colorings, or additives,
+Start with naturally grown agricultural source, free of all toxic pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and heavy metals
+Highest quality you can trust

Nano Drops from Beverly Chills are different than most tinctures on the market. These drops completely dissolve in beverages, are fast-acting and very easy to use. Add them to any liquid! Some ideas are pre or post workout smoothies, coffees, iced teas, alkaline water, sparkling beverages — the options are limitless so go get creative!

Beverly Chills particles are small. We’re talking nano-sized small. What does that mean? It means no more swishing an oil around your mouth for two minutes while waiting an hour to feel the effects. The smaller size particles allows more to be absorbed, more quickly. The benefit to you is less wasted product, less wasted time, and more equilibrium and balance!